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How Safe Is Your Site? 3 Key Areas of Site Safety.

How Safe Is Your Site?

Safety on construction, refurbishment and industrial sites must always be taken seriously, as injuries can be life-changing or even fatal for victims, while financially and commercially crippling for contractors and business owners.

As Centrally-located UK equipment suppliers, Cobrook stock a wide range of products that protect your workers and visitors to your working environment, and members of the public in accessible areas.

Three Key Areas of Worksite Safety

Safe Access

Slips, trips and falls account for a large proportion of site accidents, but Cobrook products can reduce that risk. Our product range includes:

  • Walkway solutions – rubber and PVC anti-slip comfort matting; GRP anti-slip sheeting, decking strips and stair nosing covers.
  • Safe access equipment – folding steps and ladders; podium steps and towers.
  • Site cable management – a range of products that keep temporary cabling off the floor and provide unimpeded access along access routes.
  • Site lighting – temporary lighting solutions that increase hazard visibility and reduce risk.
  • Armorgard Barricade and Instagate – rapidly-deployable rigid barrier systems for cordoning off hazardous areas
  • The Site Essentials range also includes products that create safe walkways – line marker aerosols and applicators, hazard warning tape, plastic barrier tape, bunting and barrier fence to name a few.

Incident control

The Armorgard range provides secure bunded storage for hazardous substances, flameproof storage for flammable substances and cages for gases.

In the event of an incident, Cobrook has the products you need to respond quickly:

  • Fire safety – The best way to fight fire is to respond quickly. Wireless heat detectors and radio frequency fire alarm systems ensure an alert can be raised quickly from any part of your site. Adequate and appropriate fire extinguishers can often deal with a small fire before it gets out of hand. Extinguisher trolleys ensure they are safely stored in a highly visible location.
  • First aid – HSE-compliant first aid kits and eyewash stations provide immediate assistance in the event of minor to moderate injury. A mobile, quick-assembly welfare unit can create a semi-sheltered area and identifiable location for first aid supplies to be stored and administered.
  • Spill control – Cobrook offer a range of bunded pallets, containment bunds, spill kits, absorbent granules and pads to prevent hazardous substances from contaminating the environment or creating slip hazards.
  • Fire safety, first aid and spill control equipment can also be provided as a SafetyHub unit, where equipment and instructions are easily accessible in one location.

Tool Safety

Tool storage systems play a key part in preventing theft, but they also prevent accidental injury caused by tools left lying around.

Working at height increases the risk of tools falling on persons working below. Cobrook’s tool tether range can reduce this risk and even if no injury has occurred, eliminate the annoyance of having to retrieve the tool.

More Than Safety

While Cobrook offers such a wide range of products that contribute to site safety, it isn’t all that they do – click through to view the full range of products.

If you have a specific enquiry or would like to place an order call our helpful, knowledgeable team on 01572 868 200 or email info@cobrook.co.uk.

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