Absorbent Granule Elcef Fibre SOS

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Elcef Fibre absorbent is a natural, non-toxic,  non-chemical biodegradable lightweight fibre.

  • Suitable for absorbing chemicals and oil based liquids on land and on water
  • Lightweight and hygienic: Easy to handle and retrieve
  • Acts instantly: Fast absorbtion speed reduces clean-up time
  • Non-abrasive and non-leaching: Non abrasive to machinery enabling areas to be cleaned that could not be tackled before. Elcef Fibre absorbs so completely that no oily residue is left making your working areas safer and eliminating slipping accidents
  • Available in 3 pack sizes: 20L (SOS2), 40L (SOS4) & 80L (SOS8) – PLEASE SPECIFY




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