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Action Can AC-90 Multi-Purpose Lubricant – 15 Pack

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  • Displaces moisture: AC-90 contains active ingredients which rapidly displace moisture and eliminate damp induced faults on ignition circuits.
  • Protects against rust: AC-90 provides excellent corrosion protection of metal parts and components, repelling atmospheric moisture and inhibiting flash-rusting.
  • Lubricates: AC-90 keeps moving parts working smoothly and efficiently, eliminating stick-slip and improving operational efficiency. Does not contain silicone.
  • Penetrates and releases: AC-90 rapidly penetrates and releases seized, corroded and over-tightened fasteners, leaving a fine lubricating film for ease of reassembly and future protection.
  • Cleans: AC-90 will effectively remove grime, grease residues, wax-based corrosion coatings, and more.
  • Can size 425ml
  • Supplied in cases of 15 cans


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