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Action Can SL-90 Lubricating Oil With PTFE – 15 Pack

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SL-90 is an oil lubricant developed to provide excellent temperature and pressure resistance. The addition of P.T.F.E. further reinforces the oil film and extends the relubrication interval for metal to metal contact.

  • Upon application, SL-90 penetrates rapidly then thickens to form a tough, high-performance film which has high resistance to wear and creates an effective barrier against saltwater, acids, and alkalis.
  • The innovative blend of corrosion inhibitors present in SL-90 provides highly durable protection on all types of metal.
  • SL-90 is resistant to temperatures of between −35 and 200 °C .
  • 500ML Can Size
  • Supplied in cases of 15 cans


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