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Armorgard Flamstor Cabinet FSC5

£3,499.99 Ex. VAT

The Armorgard FlamStor Cabinet™ – secure storage cabinet that keeps your hazardous substances safe, organised and accessible with the specially designed flameproof vents to prevent build-up of fumes. Supplied with heavy duty shelves, this robust cabinet comes complete with warning stickers and complies with all relevant COSHH regulations, ensuring that your hazardous substances are kept safe, accessible and secure.

  • Ideal for a range of container sizes including 20L or 25L jerry cans.
  • Sliding doors are top hung, corrugated for strength, and comes with a staple and hasp catch to secure the unit.
  • 3 heavy-duty grated steel shelves to allow spillages to drain into the large 295L sump.
  • Crane lifting eyes for hassle free positioning.
  • Built to 30 mins fire resistance.
  • Relevant hazard warning signage supplied.





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