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Armorgard FormaStor Option - Lighting Kit 110V

£228.99 Ex. VAT

  • 110V LED lighting kit for the Forma-Stor range. Kit consists of 2x robust LED lights each with 1800 lumens output, andassociated fittings and cables to install the kit.
  • 110V with commando plug, designed for site use.
  • Fits FR200-T, FR200-C, FR300-T, FR300-C, FR400-T, FR400-C.
  • Kit is designed to be hard wired and retro fitted onto the Forma-Stors.
  • Due to the nature of these kits being installed, the plug must be fitted through the wall of the Formastor.
  • The LED lighting kit is not compatible when storing flammable goods.
  • Before using the LED lighting kit, carry out your own risk assessment with regards to the contents of your storage.




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