Armorgard TrekDror TKD3

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TrekDror units are ideal to fit neatly into smaller spaces, such as under a shelf or between wheel arches, and can be fixed down. 

  • Lightweight, stackable design is perfect for storage in vehicles.
  • Unique bearings system ensures the drawer operates smoothly.
  • Drawer extends out almost 80% of its depth and is easily removable.
  • Strong, corrugated design makes the TrekDror very rigid and sturdy.
  • Vehicle friendly design fits between most wheel arches.
  • Fitted with Armorgard’s signature 5-lever deadlocks.
  • Optional dividers offer a simple way to compartmentalize the drawer.
  • Fixing points are built in to the casing as standard to allow the TrekDror to be stacked or bolted down easily






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