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Armorgard Tuffbank Power Shelf SHE-P4

£219.99 Ex. VAT

The unique Armorgard Power Shelf provides secure charging and power supply for tools.

  • Fits to the TuffBank TB2, TB12, TB3 & TBC4.
  • The TuffBank range is provided with a cable pass through to allow up to 2 cables to go inside the box while locked.
  • Four 2A USB charging points for charging phones, tablets and other mobile devices.
  • Four 110V sockets for charging batteries whilst keeping them secure in the box.
  • 110V power can also be used in conjunction with the cable pass through to allow wired tools to be used outside the box whilst plugged into the PowerShelf.
  • Upturned sides prevents items falling off.
  • The free-fitting shelf sits on the lugs provided or on the shelf created by the recessed handles in the TuffBank.



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