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Diamond Core Bits

From £28.95 Ex. VAT

Dart Tools premium diamond dry core bits with spiral barrel design for swift dust removal. Features include a fast start segment, side vents and spiral barrel designed to help keep the bits cool resulting in a longer life.

Suitable for use in masonary, brick, concrete with light or medium steel reinforcing. Also effective for granite, marble & stone.

Available in 21 sizes:

DB00740 22mm     DB00750 28mm

DB00760 32mm     DB00770 38mm

DB00771 42mm     DB00780 48mm

DB00790 52mm     DB00800 65mm

DB00810 78mm     DB00811 82mm

DB00812 91mm     DB00813 102mm

DB00820 107mm   DB00830 117mm

DB00840 127mm   DB00841 142mm

DB00850 152mm   DB00860 162mm

DB00861 172mm   DB00870 182mm

DB00871 200mm



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