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Empteezy Gas Cylinder Storage Unit – GB30

The base is manufactured from mild steel sheet, with RHS cross members and pressed ribs. All the corner posts, mains rails, and cross members are from rolled hollow section. The back and side panels are pressed from mild steel sheet and
corrugated where required.
The sloping roof is pressed and fitted with suitable bracing and fully welded around the perimeter. The unit has crane-lifting points (maximum gross weight 2000kgs) and the solid floor comes complete with base plinths.

  • External size 3000mm L x 1500mm W x 2177mm H at the highest point on the unit
  • Cylinder Qty/size 27 x 285mmØ
  • Tare weight 550kg
  • Colour Green RAL 6029
  • OPTION –  separate ramp to aid loading and unloading.

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Empteezy GB30 Data Sheet

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