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Fox 2HP Dust Extractor F50-842 (240v)

£367.95 Ex. VAT

This heavy duty extractor is aimed at the professional user whose extraction demands outstip the capacity of smaller, standard machines. 2 inlet ports enabling 2 machines to be used simultaneously. Comes with re-usable filter and collector bags (Disposable bags available if required). Trolley mounted for ease of transport.

  • 1 x Collector bag, 1 x Filter bag, Twin inlet port with single block cap.
  • Motor: 1500W-240V (2hp)
  • Filtration: 35 Microns
  • Airflow Rate: 2529m3/hour
  • Bag Size: 160 Litres
  • Bag Diametre: 500mm
  • 3 year warranty
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