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Fuelbox – White Diesel 20L

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Our UN approved pre-filled 20 litres of DERV / White Diesel bag-in-box refuelling system is suitable for all Diesel engines, including those fitted with DPF, EGR and SCR systems as well as modern machines calibrated to EN590.

The FuelBox features improved Cetane ratings, boosted power and reduced deposit and varnish build up. It also improves combustion efficiency and fuel consumption, while reducing visible emissions.

  • Reduces plastic consumption by up to 90% compared to the 20 Litre rigid packaging.
  • Reduces packaging waste in landfills by 86%
  • Improved cetane rating & boosts power
  • Reducing deposit and varnish build up & reduces visual emissions
  • Improves combustion efficiency and fuel consumption
  • Protects against premature wear in fuel pumps and injectors
  • Enhances performance of older engines
  • Contains emulsifiers to combat water build up – preventing emulsions forming and filter blockages


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