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GRP Anti-Slip Stair Tread Covers – 55mm x 345mm

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Stair tread covers are ideal for use in any high traffic area, helping to minimise the risk of slips, trips and falls. Designed for new projects and refurbishments, the simple design allows for quick and easy installation, ensuring limited downtime and disruption. All our stair tread covers are manufactured from high quality fibreglass, ensuring longevity and maximum protection.

  • Moulded fibreglass stair tread cover with 87° degree angle and flat cover plate.
  • Robust construction to withstand heavy usage and harsh environments.
  • Impregnated silica grit surface protects against delamination – a common problem with metal backed alternatives.
  • Fire-retardant additives ensure excellent fire and heat resistance, conforming to ASTM E84.
  • Overall 4mm thickness.
  • Available in bespoke sizes to suit any tread depth, length or shape , with additional options of drilling and countersinking.
  • Available in 4 colours – Black, Yellow, Black/Yellow, Black/White


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