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Gutster GB03 Ceiling Bar with Nail Puller

£59.95 Ex. VAT

  • Perfectly angled to be used overhead – especially effective for taking down old ceilings
  • The nail puller at the back of the head allows you to remove nails from floors and ceilings with ease
  • The Gutster Demo Bar straddles the stud/joist/beam, making the fulcrum point used for prying a stable position with maximum leverage
  • Extra strong, lightweight welded head with spear-shaped points for getting under flooring and behind ceilings
  • Also great for piercing drywall
  • One tool, multiple uses
  • Use it to lift floorboards, decking, and tiles, demolish walls, bring down old ceilings and kitchen cabinets, pierce holes in drywall and more!
  • The Gutster Bar allows you to maintain an upright posture while working (no more bending over or kneeling) to protect your back
  • Length – 1.2M
  • Rip, gut, and pry, as well as pull up nails


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