Howler GoLink HO5/GL/XS Alarm (Fire & First Aid)

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In the event of an accident on site, the speed of response can make all the difference: to the effectiveness of the medical attention given, between survival and non-survival, between rapid recovery and slow recovery. The Howler GoLink Alarm with First Aid Assistance is the simple yet extremely effective solution.

The First Aid Assistance option consists of a green switch, which, on activation, sends a radio signal to the control panel providing an ‘Assistance Needed’ message on the display along with the number of the unit that has been activated. First aiders can be quickly directed to the casualty, and if required, the whole site can be put on alert.

  • Red push on/push off switch for fire evacuation
  • Separate activation switches, first aid symbols and specific message on panel means there is no confusion with the site evacuation alarm
  • When green button activated, first aid message is triggered on alarm panel
  • Pinpoint from the control panel exactly where first aid assistance is required
  • Will trigger an autodialler linked to the control panel




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