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Insulated Pick Axe – BS8020

£31.95 Ex. VAT

This 7lb insulated pick axe combines the functionality of a pick axe but with the safety features of BS8020 Our insulated pickaxe has the typical point and flat chisel configuration but with the added benefit of complying to BS8020:2002 meaning that it is guaranteed to protect to 1,000 volts however, our tools are tested to 10,000 volts.

Each pick axe comes with a Certificate of Conformity.

Perfect for breaking up hard surfaces, such as rocks, concrete or compacted soil with the added benefit that you are with the fibreglass insulated handle the user is protected from potential electrocution.

  • Complies to BS8020:2011
  • Guaranteed to 1,000 volts, but tested 10,000 volts
  • Point and chisel for all hard surface types
  • Comes with individual Certificates of Conformity


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