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JSP Force 8 Press To Check P3 Dust Filters (2 Pack)

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The Force8™ PressToCheck™ filters can instantly check that you have the correct seal every time. These are a PressToCheck™ P3 dust replacement pair of filters. FIT IT!Don the Mask – Put the straps and harness over your head and pull the straps to a suitably tight and comfortable fit.PRESS IT!PressToCheck™ – Press the front and backs of both filter covers together to stop air from entering through the filters.CHECK IT!Inhale – No air should come through the mask. Adjust the mask and repeat until it doesn’t. Release when seal is made.

  • Conforms to EN 143
  • Longer life/greater filter efficiency
  • Better protection in wet environments
  • Less chance of damage from foreign objects
  • Resistance to clogging from very fine dust environments
  • Improved hygiene



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