Little Giant Safety Cage Steps

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The Safety Cage™ features Little Giant’s patent-pending Ground Cue® bottom-rung signal. The Ground Cue® trains the operator to feel and hear an audible alert reminding him or her it is safe to step off the ladder. The Safety Cage™ is constructed of non-conductive, highstrength fiberglass-resin composite. The Safety Cage™ is mobile and lightweight compared to other enclosed platform options like scaffolds or powered lifts, so you can use it in areas like stages or interstitial levels where a mechanical lift or ordinary stepladder could never go. The Safety Cage™ allows operators to work handsfree in any direction in complete safety because, unlike platform stepladders, its “wrap-around” guardrail actually wraps around the operator completely in total compliance to tie-off rules. The Safety Cage™ helps protect operators from the most common causes of stepladder falls, including standing on the top cap and over-reaching. The Safety Cage™ stores in a compact footprint and is easy to store and transport. Time- and energy-saving Tip & Glide™ Wheels make it quick and easy to move from job to job.

**[1303-990] 10 Tread Little Giant Safety Cage is a Special Order, please call for delivery lead times.**

  • Little Giant’s patent-pending Hi-Viz Green
  • Self-enclosing platform is a versatile, safe alternative to ordinary step ladders
  • Fully enclosed platform kick plate and midspan
  • Ground Cue® indicator alerts user to last step
  • Slim storage profile
  • Tip & glide wheels for easy transport
  • Max Load 150kg
  • EN131
  • Available in 4 sizes (4 – 10 tread) PLEASE SPECIFY


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