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Polypropylene Rope

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This quality ProSolve blue polypropylene (poly) rope is a 3-strand construction split film twisted strong rope used in numerous industries for securing, tying, barriers etc. It will not rot and is resitant to mildew and chemicals: polypropylene rope also floats.

Lorry ropes come complete with a spliced eyelet making them ideal for tying down loads on trailers and lorry beds.

Available in 10 sizes 

  • 6mm x 30m Blue
  • 6mm x 220m Blue
  • 6mm x 450m Blue
  • 6mm x 500m Blue
  • 8mm x 30m Blue
  • 8mm x 220m Blue
  • 10mm x 30m Blue
  • 10mm x 220m Blue
  • 12mm x 30m Blue
  • 10mm x 27m Blue – Lorry Rope
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