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TOOL@RREST Global Socket Set

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Tool@rrest Global pinned socket systems  are designed to prevent accidental disconnect and the potentially lethal impact of a falling socket.

Traditional ‘ball release’ sockets present a serious risk when working at height. Sockets can be accidentally disengaged during every day working conditions, even if the ratchet is tethered securely. The Tool@rrest pinned socket sets replace the exposed handle release with a recessed side release pin on the socket itself. This works to eliminate accidental release during ratchet operation. The pinned release mechanism means the socket will not disengage on impact.

  • ½” square drive reversible ratchets.
  • Ratchets are tethered with Tool@rrestTM patented tool tether.
  • Fine toothed ratchet wheel with lever change and pin socket release.
  • 2 x extension bars included
  • Non-slip handle.
  • Chrome finished ratchet
  • Thin-walled impact sockets
  • Available in metric (10mm-32mm TA20001MM) and imperial (7/16″ – 1 ¼” AF TA20001IM) ½” square drive.
  • Pinned side release sockets.
  • Distinctive black finish sockets with chrome Tool@rrest pin.
  • Secured in lockable foam-lined plastic case.


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