Unilite PS-i1 Penlight

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The PS-i1 is a pocket size inspection light with power and portability at its core. Its 6 SMD LEDs provide a strong working light of 175 Lumens, enabling a wide working light for any number of situations. Its is made from tough ABS, providing extra durability for the most challenging of environments. Built into its construction are two strong magnets. With one on its base and the other built into a pocket clip; it can be used handsfree in many environments. The PS-i1s body is sleek in design and with an ergonomic grip and weight of only 51 grams, it is both lightweight and comfortable to use.

  • A magnetic base allows for continued handsfree use.
  • A pocket clip keeps the light safe during periods of inaction.
  • Its 6 SMD LEDs provide a perfect white light for working in.
  • A tactical switch enables quick on/off operation of the light.
  • Battery – 350 mAh Li-polymer
  • LED – CREE
  • Lumens – 125
  • Beam Distance – 3m
  • Run Time – 2 Hours
  • IP Rating – IPX4





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