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Waterproof / Barrier Dust Sheet 3m x 3m

£2.85 Ex. VAT

This waterproof dust sheet is a protective covering made from a durable plastic, designed to shield surfaces from moisture and dust. This professional-grade plastic dust sheet is specifically engineered to provide reliable waterproofing, ensuring that liquids such as water, paint, or other fluids do not seep through and damage the underlying surface. Specifically useful for decorating, construction, building and plumbing.

In addition to its waterproof capabilities, this professional dust sheet is also easy to clean and reusable, allowing for multiple uses and extended durability. Its lightweight design and flexible material makes it effortless to manoeuvre and position, ensuring quick and efficient coverage of surfaces.

  • Ideal for decorating, building, plumbing or joinery work
  • High tech fabric, washable, reusable and 100% lint free
  • Over 100sq.ft of coverage
  • Better protection than traditional cotton dust sheets
  • Drapes well over furniture


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