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Gutster GB02 Demolition Wrecking Bar With Wheels

£64.95 Ex. VAT

  • This demo tool is great for flooring, deck board, and roof sheathing removal
  • This 1.5m pry-bar allows the user to retain an almost vertical stance when using
  • Great for restoration, flooring, decking, and other demolition projects
  • Nail puller at the back of the head allows you to remove nails without having to bend over and risk back injury or slip and fall. Clean the floor as you go
  • One tool, multiple uses
  • Use it to lift floorboards, decking, and tiles, demolish walls, bring down old ceilings and kitchen cabinets, pierce holes in drywall and more!
  • The Gutster Bar allows you to maintain an upright posture while working (no more bending over or kneeling) to protect your back
  • Rip, gut, and pry, as well as pull up nails



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